Kesar Mango Yield per acre.

How Much Kesar Mango Can You Get from an Acre of Land?

If you’re wondering how much kesar mango you can get from an acre of land, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the yield and profitability of growing kesar mangoes.

What Is the Yield for Kesar Mangoes per acre?

The yield for kesar mangoes depends on a number of factors, such as climate, soil type, and irrigation. However, on average, you can expect to get around 11 to 20 tons kgs of fruit per acre of 10 years of tree. This is a very good yield and can be highly profitable if done correctly. A 3 years well grown mango trees yieds upto 10 kg of mangoes. A ten year tree yeilds 80 to 300 kg of mangoes.

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What Are the Profits associated with Growing Kesar Mangoes?

There are many profits associated with growing kesar mangoes. Some key benefits include:

  • Increased Income: The returns on investment for growing kesar mangoes are very high. You can easily make back your initial investment costs within 2-3 years time.
  • Reduced Costs: Unlike other crops, there is little need for normal pesticides or fertilizers when growing kesar mangos. This reduces your overall production costs and increases your profits even further. – No Seasonal Restrictions: Unlike other fruits such as apples or oranges, there are no seasonal restrictions on harvesting kesar mangos. Kesar mango grows best throught india with less pest attack.

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Fertilizer requirement (kg/tree) for Kesar mango tree

The N and K fertilizer doses should be applied in February, while the cow dung and SSP should be applied in December. Inflorescences and fruit can drop due to changing weather conditions. The fruit drop should be minimized by spraying at 13:00:45 with 10gms/Ltr of water. You can minimize the effect of temperature by mulching. Once flowering begins, spray 00:52:34 twice at eight-day intervals at 150 gm/15 Ltr of water for good flowering and yield. Additionally, it will prevent flower drops.

Age of crop(Year)

Decomposed cow dung (in kg)

Urea (in gm)
Single Super Phosphate(SSP) (in gm)Muriate of potash(MOP) (in gm)
1-3 years5-20100-200250-500175-350
4-6 years25200-400500-700350-700
7-9 years60-90400-500750-1000700-1000
10 years ad above10050010001000

Diseases of keasr mango

  • Mango hopper.
  • Mango mealy bug.
  • Fruit fly.
  • Inflorescence midge.
  • Stem borer.
  • Bark eating caterpillar.
  • Mango nut weevil.
  • Shoot gall psyllid.

You should control fruit fly otherwise ripe mangoes will become hood of larva.

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